Best Residential Sustainable Architects 2023 - London

We are thrilled to have won Best Sustainable Residential Architects 2023 – London, from BUILD magazine.


AURA is dedicated towards sustainable practice, and seeks to enforce this ethos wherever it possibly can. Especially when the cost of living is growing ever higher, clients need to be assured that they’ll be getting the most out of their property’s energy supply for the least amount of money.


AURA is determined to provide clients with a cost-effective build that’ll save them money in the long run.

Developed upon a sturdy foundation, and in its ninth year, the Architecture Awards is as strong as ever. Each year, BUILD Magazine is proud to present a plethora of leaders throughout every single awards programme. Our winners have earned themselves a celebratory moment as they continue to innovate in their sphere. From delicate design to big, bold, structures – all constructed to stand the test of time – the businesses in this year’s programme have exceeded all expectations.

AURA is an architectural firm that’s insistent on making a difference, whilst helping to educate homeowners and companions in the field alike on what it means to operate in such a crucial industry.


It utilises its YouTube channel, AURA Architecture, to spread the word of cost management, and is consistently providing videos detailing how it develops its builds and renovations to a wider audience.


AURA is eager to give everyone an insight into its passion and has yet to let anything stop it from encouraging quality builds throughout London.

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With challenging new sustainability regulations coming into effect in 2025, and exciting new green-tech innovations in design & construction, keep ahead of the curve in sustainable development. Future-proof your investment and home.

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