Our Affiliates

We have a growing number of suppliers and businesses who are affiliated with AURA, listed below.

Bespoke Glazing Design

Bespoke window installation for Architectural & Interior projects in London.

Bespoke Glazing Design has extensive experience in working with homeowners, architects, interior designers and the construction industry. We cover all areas in London to the South West including Devon, Dorset, Bristol.


With our extensive knowledge we can assist you in making the right decision for your project needs.


We take pride in providing excellent customer service and attention to detail to our clients, promising to look after you from initial enquiry through to final installation

Black Steel Doors

Unique Bespoke Doors and Windows

Luxury builds demand quality. There’s no need to compromise when you’re looking for the perfect door to complete your space.


Black Steel Doors provides everything you could want in a door and more: High-quality materials, flawless functionality, and endless customisation options.


If you use Black Steel Doors for your project, mention our name and you’ll get a 5% discount on your order!


Pooky is all about beautiful, decorative lighting. Lights that look as though they cost a fortune, but don’t.

One of our most popular suppliers are a lighting company based in the UK and have a showroom in Chelsea, called Pooky, a supplier of designer lamps and lampshades which are classic, beautiful and reasonably priced. We used them on our Thrale Road project, a few more recent ones which we’ll be live on the website soon!

Drain Detectives

For blocked drains, drain surveys & repairs across the South East.

When extending your home you will likely be building over or near a Thames Water public pipes or sewers that are hidden within your land.


To gain a Thames Water Build Over Agreement, you will need to locate the pipes/sewers, using a CCTV drainage survey.


We use Drain Detectives on many of our projects, and would recommend them! If you need a free quote, fill out the form below and we’ll pass on your details!

Insurance Desk

Providing Personal, Business & Property Insurance.

If you’re requiring specialist insurance, we’ve partnered up with Insurance Desk to get you the best cover for your project. They have an established client base and are proud to retain renewal business from 94% of our clients. They also offer free advice and have access to the Lloyds’ markets and aim to achieve the most competitive prices with the best cover available.